Minting cBTC

Here is a guide of minting cBTC on Cardano.

Minting cBTC Guide

Wrapping Bitcoin onto Cardano utilizing the anetaBTC bridge involves sending Bitcoin to anetaBTC’s bitcoin vault.

The anetaBTC protocol currently supports Moonshine and Trezor Wallet.


  1. Enter the quantity of Bitcoin that you would like to wrap into the anetaBTC user interface.

  2. From your Bitcoin wallet, send the exact amount of bitcoin denoted on the anetaBTC user interface, and in the metadata (OP_RETURN) of this transaction add your Cardano enterprise address that is displayed on the anetaBTC UI.

  3. Wait for cBTC to arrive in your Cardano wallet. This may take up to 24 hours.


Do NOT send Bitcoin from an exchange address, or without including the provided Cardano address in the Bitcoin transaction.

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