cNETA Staking

This documentation highlights how to stake cNETA. cNETA staking is currently scheduled to last 6 months, starting from Monday, March 25th, 2024.

We crafted cNETA staking to be as simple and secure as possible. It does not require to lock your tokens in a smart contract. To stake your cNETA tokens, simply follow the guide in the staking portal.

There is a total of 0.75 cBTC and 18,000 ERG available over 6 months. This is distributed in even increments every epoch, which occurs every 5 days. This is equal to 0.028033 cBTC and 500 rsERG each epoch. Rewards are distributed proportionally to the amount of total cNETA staked. If you stake 1 million cNETA and there are 10 million cNETA staked, the user could expect to earn 10% of all rewards. Staking Specifics

When you first stake your cNETA, it is considered "live" stake. It takes a full epoch of being staked to be considered "active" stake and then be eligible to earn the rewards, similar to how staking ADA works.

If you stake during epoch 1, your epoch will become active after being staked for the full 2nd epoch, and the first rewards will be available at the start of the 3rd epoch. This means you can expect it to take a maximum of 10 days for rewards to become active. All claims of cBTC and rsERG will occur on TosiDrop. There are 50 epochs to claim your rewards, and you can claim them each epoch, or let them accumulate over time. You must claim cBTC and rsERG within 10 months of them becoming available. We recommend claiming at least each month. While the dashboard will immediately display the amount you have staked, it will not become active until you've been staked for an entire epoch. A reliable epoch calendar can be found here.

Support and Questions

For questions, please join us on Telegram or Discord.

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