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There are 2 steps to anetaBTC governance.
AnetaBTC Governance Forum
  • Community members can create an account and participate in the first step of anetaBTC governance votes. Users can create a new proposal and begin the governance process. Each official governance vote on the governance forum must clearly explain the idea and add a voting poll to the post.
  • In order to get to the next stage of governance, the poll will need at least 50 votes with at least a 60% approval rating. Once this is complete, the next stage of governance will begin within 10 days of the poll's completion.
AnetaBTC On-Chain Voting
  • If a poll receives over 50 votes and a greater than 60% approval rating on the governance forum, it will then move to on-chain voting, to be carried out on both Cardano and Ergo blockchains.
  • Prior to the on-chain vote, there will be an announced snapshot where users will be allocated voting power based on held and LP'd NETA and cNETA. Each 1 NETA and 1 CNETA are worth 1 VOTE.
  • The outcome of the governance vote will then be calculated by whoever has a 51% approval or higher.