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Liquidity Initial Stake Offering (LISO)

An Initial Stake Pool Offering (ISO), traditionally, is a method to distribute a protocol’s tokens to the community utilizing the Cardano blockchain’s Proof-of-Stake mechanism. This mechanism incentivizes nodes supporting the Cardano blockchain to build out a decentralized network of servers across the globe.

Through our LISO, NETA/cNETA will be available to be airdropped to delegators of our NETA stake pools with the ticker symbols NETA1 and NETA2. The block minting reward fee is 99% and for each epoch, the amount of cNETA distributed will be adjusted to ensure delegators receive at least a 6% return on staking.

Although proceeds from ISO’s have previously been used entirely for internal use, anetaBTC is deploying an overwhelming majority of all ADA earned from mining Cardano for the direct benefit of our community — all NETA/cNETA holders.

NETA Liquidity Fund

90% of all ADA earned by NETA stake pools will be injected into a 100% community-owned fund — the NETA Liquidity Fund. cNETA and NETA token holders will collectively have 100% ownership rights of the NETA Liquidity Fund. ADA rewards are earned every 5 days by NETA pools, and the Fund will acquire BTC, ADA, ERG, MIN, KNC, and NETA/cNETA. These holdings, as efficiently as possible, will be used to provide liquidity to our DEX partners, ErgoDEX, KyberSwap, and Minswap, and should earn yield as a result.

Yield rewards will be reinvested back into the Fund to facilitate compound growth.

Below is a diagram explaining the flow of the Liquidity ISO.